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11 September 2011 @ 06:51 pm
Tribute - 9/11 - 10 years anniversary  
10 years ago, I took part in "Project 2,996", which was at the time, a way of learning about one person who died in the attacks and pay tribute to them by writing something about the life they lived. I remember crying everytime I saw their pictures on tv, those who died, so I thought I could do this. Help remember someone by reading about them, write about them and help others remember them too. In the 10 years since I've written this tribute, I have never forgotten Brian Thomas Cummins. I always remembered his name and sometimes thought of him on 9/11. I guess this project really worked, because I even thought I never knew this man, I have never forgotten him.

Here is what I wrote about Brian Thomas Cummins, who worked in the first tower, on the 104th floor:

I have never written a tribute before in my life, nor have I been faced with such a tragic death of a loved one either. I am not American and don’t know anyone who passed away on the terrible day that was 9/11. But like millions people all over the world I was touched by the tragedy of these events, the shock and sadness on people’s faces, the hurt and loss in their eyes. My soul was so deeply touched that day that I wanted to take each person who suffered a loss in my arms and tell them how sorry I was and cry with them. This is why today I want to pay tribute to one person, one man whose life was taken away suddenly on September 11, and make him be remembered by the life he led, the family and friends he had instead of his death.

Brian Thomas Cummins. I have never had the chance to know him, see him or even hear about him, but after what I have read about this man, I wish I had. Brian was born on January 6th, 1963 in Somerville, New Jersey, making him 38 when he was taken away on September 11. He wasn’t really at the wake of his life like a teenager could be, but had yet so many things to see, do and accomplish. He was born in a family of 6 boys and grew up in a close and loving family, his brothers being his best friends until the end. Brian would talk to them daily and see them almost weekly. He was also a very loved uncle of 9 nephews and nieces, spending time with them as much as he could as he had no son or daughter of his own. Brian was a loving and kind uncle, a friend to his nephews and nieces. His family was very important to him.

Brian studied at the University of Colorado, started a successful seafood restaurant during grad school before moving on to Rutgers for his MBA, which he earned, again, successfully and gave up the restaurant to pursue another career as assistant for Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, working on the floor of the stock exchange. He always was hard working, committed in whatever he was involved with and earned his way up to his position of equity market maker and partner of the firm Cantor Fitzgerald, where he worked since 1993. Always trying to do better in everything he did, he was also generous and helpful to anyone who needed a hand. He loved skiing, surfing, and mostly going out. He had countless friends and had an impact on each person he met.

I have read dozen and dozen of people’s messages to Brian’s family after his death, old friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours, and understood the kind of person he was even without talking to him. Brian was always there for those he cared about, was a funny, generous, smart and easy going man, truly beautiful inside and out. His passion for life, his work and his family was admirable and so rare nowadays. This is what should be remembered of Brian, this is what all of us who never knew him need to keep in mind when running across his name. Yes, he is a victim of 9/11, but he was so much more than that and we need to remember it. He was a wonderful individual and from today on, shall be remembered as the person he was, his life’s achievements and the unconditional love he gave to his friends and family. Today I pay tribute to Brian Thomas Cummins, a man everyone should have had the chance to have in their life and send his family all my love. I am glad I had the chance to learn about this truly amazing man and will light a candle tonight in his memory.

"Mourn not too long that he is gone,
but rejoice forever that he was."
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dance with those lions: rosedance_the_dance on September 12th, 2011 09:55 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a wonderful project. <3